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Published February 20, 2018

Infusing Design Culture With Storytelling

As designers we observe users interacting with our designs in a way we think we can improve and then set out to improve it. Over time, we learn how changing pixels, text, images, and controls can change how a user behaves.

Knowing how to change behaviors is one thing. Knowing which behaviors to change is another.

Storytelling is ideal for communicating to a team the behaviors we want to design for. The user experience toolbox already provides us with some techniques that make storytelling easy: scenarios and journey maps.

Scenarios give us the motivation behind the users’ interactions and they connect the touchpoints of their journey. Journey maps show how a user interacts with a design over time and can highlight highs and lows of a design interaction. Aspirational journeys show what a team aims to create. They imagine behaviours they want to see from their design revision and put those on the map next to the current journey.

A story becomes the guiding force behind the individual design decisions. Fitting the design to a story brings the team’s discourse to a higher level, giving more power to build great experiences.

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