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Published April 19, 2018

Faster, Prototype, Faster!

Once upon a time, paper prototypes were amazing, radical tools that could predict the future. You could come in on Monday and start sketching and have a full working design in front of users by Friday. Don’t laugh. Until paper-prototypes came along, teams could take up to six weeks to get that far.

By 2004, developers had discovered—and embraced—agile. It gave them the ability to move quickly from one iteration to another, testing with users every step of the way.

Ten years later, responsive design rules, and there’s no such thing as “one design to rule them all.” Now that you’re working with gestures and touch interfaces, you can’t rely on a small collection of design patterns to handle every use case.

Quick prototypes have always been the answer. And these days, designers and developers have to work together in a way we’ve never seen before. Collaboration helps them get to a better design faster.

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