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Published December 6, 2016

Finding Your  Persuasive Momentum

What is a brand’s persuasive momentum? It is the ability of a business or brand to expect and meet the user needs of its online customers. Buyer Legends help identify a brand’s persuasive momentum by providing narratives written from the customer’s point of view that define a user experience and anticipate user needs and actions along the way that are measureable.

All businesses have a de facto persuasive system that is intentional, measurable, and can be optimized. Buyer Legends give businesses the opportunity to explore a user’s story and anticipate their actions. By understanding the user perspective and the brand’s persuasive momentum, businesses can optimize micro and macro actions that customer’s make and spot breakdowns that happen along a customer’s journey. This strengthens the ability of a business to anticipate what customer’s want and persuade them to take actions that support business goals.

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