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Published August 15, 2017

Choosing The Right Project Methodology

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. But who is “they” and why would anyone want to skin a cat?

We’ll use the phrase metaphorically here, as it’s generally intended, to mean that we all do things differently. The way that we go about managing projects depends on our team, stakeholders, goals, users, scopes, and budgets. As a result, we pick what works best in the situation: Agile, Waterfall, for example, or a Hybrid of the two.

Consider the following before you choose a project methodology:

There is no right or wrong choice to make here. There is only the approach that allows your team to shine. Fewer teams choose Waterfall these days, as it relies on a rigid schedule of deliverables, approvals, and handoffs. Many are blending Agile methods, which focus on iteration and collaboration, with Waterfall techniques, especially when stakeholders expect a more formalized process of milestones, deliverables, and review.

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