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Published July 20, 2017

Making Content More Usable for both Designers and the End User

Content is often written by someone who hasn’t interacted with the end user.

Writers write blindly based on what they consider interesting rather than using the kind of language and truly substantive content the end user needs. People who read marketing content that’s well written get it—they feel understood.

Steph Hay believes the core of usable content is creating copy based on conversations with the client and with end users. Designers can then build the site around that content, which opens opportunities for back-and-forth suggestions and iterations.

This process liberates the designer from having to think about the content —it’s already there and ultimately what’s speaking to the user. Because the content can’t exist as vibrantly on its own, it evolves with the design and vice versa. This is an enjoyable process with a powerful outcome.

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