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Published December 14, 2017

Heroes Among Users

Kathy Sierra, author of Badass: Making Users Awesome, argues that successful products are not a result of features, but how badass your user feels using it. It’s not about what your product can do, but how your users feel when using your product.

Humans, your users, are natural storytellers. Knowingly or not, we process the people we engage with, the experiences we have, and the products we use through stories.

In the stories of their lives, each moment when they interact with your product is an opportunity to save the day. When people feel good about themselves because of your product and by extension your brand, they love them both. They feel like heroes, and they become super users. They assign equity to your brand and may forgive future missteps, as long as your product continues to deliver on its promise, not of special functions but, of superhero status.

It’s a humbling lesson but worth remembering: It’s People over Product. Your users don’t care about who makes what they use, or sometimes even what they use. They care about themselves and being the protagonist in the story that gets it done.

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