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Published May 25, 2017

Personas: Just The Facts, Ma’am.

User scenarios are derived from personas, which are informed by research. We use data to map the user journey across touch points with our products. It helps us problem solve design, experience, and content challenges.

Personas need to represent a behavior pattern you are finding in your research. Some professionals spend a lot of time on the more fictional aspects of personas, but Kim Goodwin cautions that this is the wrong approach.

“The essence of the persona is the behavior and the goals. If 95 percent of your persona details are not drawn from the research, then, yeah, you’re doing yourself a real disservice.”

Whether you are a fan of them or not, personas can be powerful tools to inform design and the user experience. Your product has more than one user. Tools like personas, user scenarios, and journey maps allow professionals to explore what their customers are trying to achieve, and help them get there.

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