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Published September 21, 2017

Facilitating Design Sprints like your Project Depended on It

Design sprints are increasingly popular because of their outcome: shared understanding and a solid basis of knowledge for what is to be built.

Great design sprints all have a few common phases: understanding the problem, brainstorming solutions, deciding the best (possible) paths, prototyping a solution, and validating it with users.

For a design sprint to be successful, these five phases need a skilled facilitator. The facilitator is moving the team through the phases very quickly, often in a week’s time. They are working with a team of all different positions, hopefully including executive leadership, and navigating organizational politics to weave together the ideas and opinions of the highest and lowest on the totem pole with research and data.

A skilled facilitator, through fun activities, makes everyone feel heard and that all ideas are open for equal consideration. Their deftness makes innovation more likely, and a successful sprint can increase design quality.

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